principal activities

Our principal activity is in the provision of marine construction services with core expertise in land reclamation and dredging. The process of land reclamation which we are engaged in comprises the dredging of sand, transportation to the reclamation site, sand discharging, levelling, soil consolidation, surcharging and removal of surcharge. Ancillary works are also carried out in order to cater for the support of our land reclamation operations, including:

Dredging (of clay, silt, sand, gravel, rocks including chiselling or underwater blasting, and shale), beach nourishment

Coastal protection and breakwater construction works using rock revetment;

Pre-bore, marine piling, prefabricated vertical drain (PVD) works; and

Construction of marine structures such as bridges, jetties, ports and other offshore and ancillary structures.

Our key target market for marine construction works are companies and authorities involved in marine and coastal environments, property development, maritime, energy, transport and logistics, civil works and agriculture in Malaysia.

In addition, our design-and-build turnkey capabilities have also enabled us to participate from inception of the project thereby greatly enhancing our efficiency, resulting in the realisation of cost savings due to the shorter project duration and more cost-efficient use of resources.

We own a large and diversified fleet of vessels to fulfil a wide range of needs of clients, shippers and charterers.

Among our vast range of ships within the fleet are sand carriers, cutter suction dredgers, clamshell dredgers, sand pump ships, hopper barges, piling barges, crane barges, work barges, tugboats, anchor handling tugs, flattop barges and multicats. This diversified fleet allows us to serve customers from many industries, including oil and gas, offshore construction, timber, building material, general cargo industries (coal affreightment) and livestock industries.

To ensure our shipping operations are cost effective and efficiently run, we have in place a continual fleet renewal programme which involves regular servicing, overhauling of equipment and vessel inspection. Our own shipyard provides continuous support and maintenance to ensure that our fleet is well maintained.

The Group operates a shipyard at Sijangkang, Port Klang, Selangor mainly to house facilities to build offshore support vessels and carry out in-house ship repair, maintenance, fabrication and refurbishment for our own fleet of vessels. This gives us a competitive advantage of being economical as repairs and modifications can be carried out at a lower cost while still ensuring that we maintain the highest standards of operations. Our ability to deploy labour and resources to perform ship repair and maintenance work also minimises downtime and ensures that we have full control of our operations.

We have our very own team of local professional engineers and technicians with a wealth of knowledge in shipbuilding and marine engineering, capable of innovatively designing and building vessels with specific functions which can accommodate our operational needs to achieve maximum efficiency. While vessels are constructed with cost-effective methods, their quality remains superior.

Since 1995, we have successfully custom-built anchor handling tug-boats, twin screw tug-boats, barges, cutter suction dredgers and have plans to expand into building more vessels of various types.

Some of the repair works we undertake include the following:

  • Hull repair and maintenance
  • Inspection, repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment
  • Inspection of wiring and piping systems
  • Replacement of corroded or faulty structures and parts, as well as piping systems
  • Altering and modifying parts, structures and fittings
  • Removal and installation of parts and equipment
  • Cleaning
  • Sand blasting
  • Painting and Coating

We also undertake infrastructure, earthworks, road and drainage as part of our design-and-build turnkey capabilities catering to specific requirements of our customers. This facilitates further development on the reclaimed land by our customers from all industries including residential, commercial and industrial, and can help to enhance the value of topside projects.

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